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Alien Planet

Alien Planet at Vamp in Oakland tomorrow, Monday!

Monday, August 10, 2015    –    8pm
Alien Planet at Vamp
331 19th St, Oakland CA 94612 (19th Street BART)


Vamp is an amazing record store in downtown Oakland –
Please swing by if you can!

All tomorrow’s After-Parties (3-days)! Friday – Sunday, May 22nd-24th, 2015 – starting 7pm


Perfect Memorial day weekend STAY-CATION…. with Music Projects all day long and wildcard Improvisation Sets drawn from the best and most creative players in the bay area…And, each evening is Synesthete Potluck, these special evenings involve live music with video, choreography, and/or performance art. And best of all, all proceeds benefit the Homeless Action Center.

87 Artists x 39 Projects x 3 Days…

Please see the link below for updated show calendar, but note these Haunted Toast Artists: Saturday, May 23rd
2:30pm: Cloud Shepherd
Sunday May 24th
1:00pm: Alien Planet
3:00pm: zBug

@Berkeley Arts, 2133 University Ave, Berkeley, CA (Downtown Berkeley BART)

SUNDAY, April 19, 2015 8pm – ALIEN PLANET!!


Please join us for a great night of music at the Temescal Art Center and for the premier of Collette McCaslin and Sheila Bosco first time playing out as – ALIEN PLANET!!  $10 sliding scale, 8pm show!

SF Examiner review of our show last night!

Last night Stephen Smoliar from the SF Examiner came to our duo electronics performance for the Luggage Store Creative Music Series curated by  He wrote a review of the show and we would like to thank him for taking the time to come out to see us and all his insights on the show!

Collette McCaslin/Sheila Bosco and HUGE STATUE OF JESUS Thursday, January 22, 2015


LSG Creative Music Series
The Luggage Store Gallery
1007 Market St. @ 6th St
San Francisco, California USA
$6-10 sliding
curated by Outsound Presents
Thursday, January 22, 2015

8:00pm Collette McCaslin (formerly CJ Borosque)/Sheila Bosco
Adam Adhiyatma – guitars, clarinets, electronics, voice, Alex Cohen – guitars, tubes, percussion, voice, Kim Nucci – saxophones,clarinet, flute, electronics, voice

HUGE STATUE OF JESUS is an Oakland-based improvisation collective. The sub-units are connected by interests in ecstatic performance, body/out-of-body experiences, sonic hilarity, and the transformative powers of an emotionalism grounded in sound structure.

Adam Adhiyatma is a guitarist/clarinetist/composer/improviser from Singapore. Currently based out of Oakland CA, he pursues a mystical (empirical) understanding of sound and the enactment of polyvocal quiddities. He is interested in improvisation as procedural music, sound meditation, healing, social corrective and catharsis.
Alex Cohen is a Composer, Performer and Educator currently based out of Oakland, CA. Since 2007, he has been performing nationwide with the group Organ Yank. Alex seeks to escape the oppression of genre based thinking while promoting the spirituality inherent in the act of performance. He is currently pursuing an MA in Composition at Mills College.
Kim Nucci (composer/visual artist/woodwinds) exists somewhere in the space time continuum creating sound like objects on woodwind instruments. She likes working to simultaneously translate and obfuscate ideas of color, texture, timbre, architecture and emotion through various media. She also likes painting things that are significantly larger than her person with sound as well as actual paint.

Collette McCaslin and Sheila Bosco are a duo of intertwining interest in free jazz, electronic music and various visual modes of communication. They integrate noise with an aesthetic of psychedelia, and cut-up sampling along with improvisation.

Hardly Strictly Personal – A Celebration of Post-Beefheart Art – Jan 16 and 17, 2015 !

Berkeley Arts Festival, 2133 University Avenue in Berkeley
(a few blocks from Downtown Berkeley BART)
Suggested Donation $10-$20 dollars


Friday Jan 16th
Set Time           Project
07:30:00 PM     Quantum Fog
08:00:00 PM     Lords Of Outland
08:30:00 PM     Qualia
09:00:00 PM     Rova Saxophone Quartet
09:30:00 PM     Religious Phase
10:00:00 PM     Seth Augustus
10:30:00 PM     Ze Bib!

Saturday Jan 17th
Set Time            Project
01:15:00 PM     Jaroba Trio
01:45:00 PM     Aaron Oppenheim Ensemble
02:15:00 PM     Loren Steele
02:45:00 PM     RTD3
03:15:00 PM     Crystal Pascucci Duo
04:45:00 PM     Collette McCaslin-Sheila Bosco
04:15:00 PM     Pachuco Cadaver
04:45:00 PM     Henry Kaiser w/ Josh Allen
05:00:00 PM     Cartoon Justice w/guest Gretchen Jude
05:30:00 PM     Beauty School
06:00:00 PM     Forward Energy
07:00:00 PM     Tri-cornered Tent Show
07:30:00 PM     Dialectical Imagination
08:00:00 PM     Cloud Shepherd
08:30:00 PM     Biif Aashiiki
09:00:00 PM     Ross Hammond Duo
09:30:00 PM     Instagon
10:00:00 PM     Eric Glick Rieman


Donella and the Mood Rings

I would like to invite you to the first public show of free-jazz/free-improve ensemble Donella and the Mood Rings!
This all-female ensemble consists of CJ Borosque on Coronet, Sheila Bosco on the trapset and Lindsey Walker on Piano. Also playing is the amazing Teddy Rankin-Parker on solo cello!
@ the Crane House – 2 blocks from Ashby BART in Oakland – for address contact

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