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Release of Alien Vs Predator: The Musical (part 1)!

When half-baked ideas get fully baked by people who are themselves baked, needlessly complex hijinks and musical mayhem ensues!

From the same lunatics who brought you Alien Vs Predator / Spreadsheet: The Musical (Prequel), It’s Your Fault Theater brings you Alien vs Predator: The Musical Part 1, a 420-friendly meta-musical extravaganza about a struggle for domination of narrative, creative and technical control; a musical about extraterrestrial trans-species passion, about the genius of an original thesis, about special effects and set design on a budget, about slime and goo, and ultimately it’s a musical about you. And me. And that yahoo over there.

It’s Your Fault Theater is Dave Abel, Eric Marc Cohen, Sheila Bosco and Angelo Sacerdote as part of the Sküll Bong and the Pit Orchestra Band joined by ace guitarist Jim Abramson and the vocal stylings of Patrick Hambrecht and Dawn McCarthy

Bonus release items include : Press Release, Lyric Sheet and Official Playbill!
Videos at:

It’s Your Fault Theater Presents: Alien vs Predator / Spreadsheet: The Musical

Is it the world’s first stoner meta-musical based on a largely failed movie franchise? A russian doll of weird rock operas, bad musical theater, and (barely) thematically linked struggle-core? Pandemic madness? All of the above? YES! NO! WHO CARES! WHY AM I YELLING??

Autobody presents It’s Your Fault Theater debut musical Alien vs Predator / Spreadsheet: The Musical, written and performed by Dave Abel (Alien vs Predator) and Sheila Bosco (Spreadsheets, Deep Space: Numbers and Blood).

Featuring Eric Marc Cohen (Fly Ashtray, Autobody, Special Pillow) with special guests Dawn McCarthy (Faun Fables) and Nils Frykdahl (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Free Salamander Exhibit, Faun Fables).  More info at:

Autobody “Like a Stogie” new release May 1, 2020

This new record from Autobody is a collection of unreleased material from many basement sessions that have occurred over time and finally seeing the day of light. Should it go back into the shadows where it belongs? You be the judge!
Autobody is Eric Marc Cohen, Jim Abramson, Dave Abel and Sheila Bosco.

Autobody at the Knitting Factory, Brooklyn 2/25/2020!

Back in the old stomping grounds, Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn!

The Duncan Perspectives and Projects Institute kicks off the night!
Then Famous Logs in History
Closing with Autobody

Knitting Factory
361 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn
Advance Tickets $10

Blast from the past: Autobody circa Brooklyn, 1998

From the Autobody 2nd release “Black Angus”
Autobody is David Abel, Jim Abramson, Sheila Bosco, Eric Marc Cohen

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