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DIre Wolves

Dire Wolves Video

From the new album “Grow Towards the Light”

“I Control the Weather”, Dire Wolves

New Dire Wolves LP – preorder available!

Dire Wolves at Milwaukee Psych Fest 2019

Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band) “Water Bearing One” from the new release “Grow Towards the Light” on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records available June 28, 2019 – preorder available:

Dire Wolves mini-tour in the Midwest

…..Back in the beloved Midwest!

April 10, 2019 – Bloomington IL – Reverberation with Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Bill MacKay
April 11, 2019 – Chicago IL – The Hideout with Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Plastic Crimewave
April 13, 2019 – Milwaukee WI (day) – Record Store Day at Acme Records
April 13, 2019 – Milwaukee WI (night) – MKE Psych Fest at The Cooperage
April 14, 2019 – Madison WI – Mickey’s Tavern with Sunburned Hand Of The Man

New Dire Wolves release: House Of Triangles

Dire Wolves release on PSI LAB TAPES.

Release from PSI LAB TAPES:

SHEILA BOSCO drums / voice 
BRIAN LUCAS bass / tapes 
JEFFREY ALEXANDER guitar / wooden sax 
MICHAEL WHITTAKER flute / saxophone 

Kikagaku Moyo + Dire Wolves 10/10/2018

Dire Wolves opening for the amazing Kikagaku Moyo from Japan!

KIKAGAKU MOYO-DIre Wolves_10-10-2018
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 (8-12AM)
Starline Social Club
2236 Martin Luther King Way, Oakland, CA 94612
Kikagaku Moyo + Dire Wolves


Dire Wolves, Village of Spaces and The Lodestones at Adobe Books Saturday 9/15

Saturday, Sept 15, 2018
Dire Wolves, Village Of Spaces and The Lodestones
Adobe Books
3130 24th St, San Francisco

DW a Adobe 9-15-2018

Dire Wolves new release: Paradisiacal Mind

We are very excited about the new Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sister’s Band) record “Paradisiacal Mind” for vinyl release November 9, 2018! Press release below and here is one track from the record and they are accepting digital and cassette preorders here 

Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band) put forth a sound of ecstatic improvisation, each member documenting coordinate points in the higher dimensions of cosmic free-rock. The music lies somewhere near the nebulous intersection of psych, kosmische beat and astral jazz. These are exploratory journeys, transportive trance-based experiments in vertical listening, totally collaborative and often forming spontaneous compositions. The focus is more about feeling than any specific approach to playing.

“Paradisiacal Mind”, the group’s tenth (or possibly twelfth?) full-length since 2008, conjures a floating stellular kraut Americano with quite a lot to pull you in to the mix and then drift you right back out again. Following two simultaneous 2017 releases – on Feeding Tube and Beyond Beyond Is Beyond – that explored out-of-body experience, this latest work turns decidedly inward. Psychic rock that guides your vision to heaven, and heaven is in your mind. When cover artist Kyla Quigley asked the band to draw from the tarot to inform her new work, the card was The Star,  a renewal of hope and strength to carry on.

And so it all came together – acute, right and obtuse, all at once. A portion of the record was recorded in Oakland by Zachary Watkins (Black Spirituals), who helped set the atmosphere to capture the festival consciousness vibes. The remainder was realized on Bernal Hill, celebrating the 50+ year tradition of San Francisco psychedelic intensity. Additional players include Laura Naukkarinen (Lau Nau), Taralie Peterson (Spires That In The Sunset Rise) and Michael Whittaker (Jackie-O Motherfucker). 

Recommended to the open minds that celebrate such sounds as the punk-hippie crossover scene of mid ‘80s SST records, as well as listeners of Scandinavian/Teutonic communal motorik vibes. And those into spiritual jazz, meditative and primordial minimalism, and scratched Environments LPs from the dollar bin. 

For the heads.

— Glen Burnout, September 2018

The Monday Makeout – July 2, 2018


The Monday Make-Out
The cutting edge of Bay Area jazz and improvised music–
3225  22nd Street @ Mission
San Francisco,  California  94110

Set #1 (starting 8:30pm): Sung Kim (solo improvisation)

Set #2: Mark Clifford/Ryan Pate (contemporary jazz duo)
Mark Clifford-vibraphone
Ryan Pate-guitar

Set #3: Dire Wolves (experimental/psychedelic)
Sheila Bosco – drum kit, percussion, harmonica
Brian Lucas – bass
Jeffrey Alexander – guitarmagoria + moog + wooden sax
Arjun Mendiratta – violin

Dire Wolves Midwest mini-tour May 2-6, 2018!

We are so excited to play in the mid-west again! Can’t wait! Info below:

Dire Wolves

May 2-6, 2018
Dire Wolves

Wed May 2 Bloomington, Il – Reverberation Records
Thur May 3 Madison, WI – Mickey’s Tavern
Fri May 4 Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee Psych Fest
Sun May 6 Chicago, Il – The Empty Bottle

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