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Sheila Bosco

3/11/18 UB Radio Salon, Episode 530

ub530THEME: “Big Toy Pianochestra!”
with Matt Davignon, Sheila Bosco, Nina
SUNDAY March 11, 6-8pm PDT
Archives available after the show via Internet Archive:

New AO release!

Oa creates experimental music from the sounds of language. Writer Hugh Behm-Steinberg and sound manipulator Matt Davignon have recorded various anecdotes, conversations and sung pitches from their peers, neighbors, musicians and other writers. Performing either as a duo or collaborating with other sound artists, they break down these elements with samplers and digital turntables, then rebuild them into improvised musical passages and narratives.

Music is created from 100% voice sources, including:
Sheila Bosco (1, 3)
Rafael Canales (3)
James Cline (1, 3)
Ron Heglin (2, 3)
Gretchen Jude (2)
Denise Newman (1)
Sarah Elena Palmer (all)
Laena Wilder (2)

Artwork by Mary Behm-Steinberg
Mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Mastering Lab
released February 16, 2018

This Friday 12/1/17 at ATA: Synthestesia live AV show!


Friday, Dec 1st, 2017 @7:30pm
Artists’ Television Access
922 Valencia Street, San Francisco
(between 20th and 21st Streets)

Synthestesia is a quarterly live A/V show, where modular synthesizers and 16mm/video installation commune for spontaneous performance. Simulated effects may include feelings of viscous, spacey, dense and/or ethereal transformation.December 1st Show will be featuring: Shelia Bosco, J. and Maizies’ Surgical Theater experiments, Ron spoones., Davvy Jones, and Neil Davis.

Sheila Bosco is a keyboardist who enjoys experimenting live with her own sound libraries and loops. Sheila also plays keys with Collette McCaslin in Alien Planet, in experimental super group Thomas Carnacki and hanging in the DFM Radio studios with Big City Orchestra. When not playing keyboards, you will find her banging away on the drum set with San Francisco’s Dire Wolves and quartet zBug.

J. and Maizies’ Surgical Theater experiments with biological themes using overhead projectors and various layers and fluids. Maizie is an artist, violinist and student at New Traditions Elementary School. Her dad J. is a musician, visual artist and one of the founders of Synthestesia.

Ron spoones- Let’s just say this year hasn’t been one for the faint of heart and my only retort has been and will be always the bombastic joy of noise, fizzing, crackly pop of 1000 sheets of paper, and a soft French whisper interrupted. Technically, it’s all ordered around Euclidean percussion and the punk drummer that takes my breathe away. In a dense fog of marijuana smoked and soldered it together, and here we are now.

Neil Davis is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles who specializes in experimental editing. His works are often effect-heavy and collage-like, playing with patterns both visually, aurally, and editorially. Neil often tries to blur and confuse various digital and analog effects in his works – trying to replicate practical effects digitally and digital effects with more traditional, practical techniques. Recently, Neil has been experimenting with forms of visual meditation in both individual and group settings.

+ a Lofi VJ set by Davy Jones

Edited video from “The Hyena Debutante Comes Out!” May 5, 2017 show at Adobe Records!

This is a shortened video that was used as part of The Hyena Debutante Comes Out! live theater performance. The video is brainchild of Elizabeth Costello (dancing, talking, paper mache and pickled onion) and Sheila Bosco (dancing, talking, video, music).


LIVE THEATER: The Hyena Debutante Comes Out!
Adobe Books, Mission, San Francisco
Sunday, April 30, 2017
7:00pm 10:00pm

The Hyena Debutante Comes Out is an interactive ritual musical theatre experience honoring the centennial of Leonora Carrington’s birth.

The poles unfold and time collapses into a cauldron of wild, steaming, snorting wonder as a cackling, fluttering herd of beasts arises to celebrate the feminine glory of our beloved Ancestress, Leonora Carrington.

Leonora Carrington (1917-2011) was hailed as an important Surrealist, though she rejected that label herself and did whatever she damn well pleased. She painted, wrote, sculpted, and produced theatre pieces exploring the themes of alchemy, spiritualism, mythology, and nature—with astonishing delicacy, profound attention to detail, and a wicked grin. During her life she was banished from her aristocratic family in England, fled to Southern France with Max Ernst, escaped torture and madness in Spain, and then found a final home and family in Mexico City. Throughout her days, Leonora startled, enchanted, and illuminated all in her path.

Participants: Alice Cohen, Christine Shields, Gabrielle Ekedal, Jaina Bee,
Jennyb the Shady Lady, Linda Goldie Hagood, Liz Costello, Sasha Petrenko, Sheila Bosco

Please arrive by 7:30 to witness the invocation.…

This Thursday 12/29 OutSound Presents:



Thursday, December 29th, 2016
doors 7pm
Luggage Store Creative Music Series

(so sorry, it is not handicap accessible)
1007 Market Street
San Francisco
(BART to Civic Center)

8pm: Toaster (Todd Elliott – guitar/electronics)
9pm: Sheila Bosco (electronics), Matt Davignon (electronics) and Suki O’Kane (percussion)



A look back – Cheryl E. Leonard w/Sheila Bosco, Jesse Burson, and Kristina Dutton @ Call and Response Nov 2014

Cheryl E. Leonard presents Antarctica: Music from the Ice, followed by a Q&A and then a musical response by Leonard, Sheila Bosco, Jesse Burson, and Kristina Dutton as part of the Call and Response series held at The Emerald Tablet on Tuesday, November 18th 2014.

New Release – Cloud Shepherd “Cloud Forest”!

I am really honored to be on the new Cloud Shepherd release, recorded live at the Berkeley Arts Center:

Cover Art: Mark Pino
Recorded for the Berkeley Arts Center Festival: ALL TOMORROWS AFTER-PARTIES 2
released July 16, 2015

Andrew Joron: theremin.
Brian Lucas: bass and electronics.
Joseph Noble: flute, alto flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone.
Mark Pino: drums and cloud kit percussion.
Sheila Bosco: electronics, voice, harmonica, keyboards.

“RAW SHACK” at the de Young Museum Friday, June 19th at 7-8pm

Raw Shack (Musical Game Piece) 7–8 pm

de Young Museum
Kimball Education Gallery
Golden Gate Park | 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive
San Francisco

“Musicians including Bill Wolter, Ayla Xander Dozier, Shireen Amini, Gregory Hagan, Tina Fagnani, and Sheila Bosco perform Feeney’s fast-paced and fun improvisational game piece, Raw Shack. Musicians have to quickly interpret written instructions on cue cards.

During his residency, Shawn Feeney will create Musical Anatomy comprising works that explore how music connects bodies, instruments, and musicians. While he will primarily work on drawings and sculptures, reference photos, videos, and music will be incorporated into the space to provide visitors with additional ways to explore musical subjects. A custom musical guide to the de Young will be available, highlighting works in the museum collections that involve music and sound. There will also be opportunities for music-making.”

Shireen Amini: guitar, melodica
Sheila Bosco: keyboard
Fountainetta Coleman: percussion
Ayla Xander Dozier: vocals
Tina Fagnani: drums
Altay Guvench: bass guitar
Gregory Hagan: viola
Scott Roy: accordion
Bill Wolter: guitar
Shawn Feeney: card prompter

All tomorrow’s After-Parties (3-days)! Friday – Sunday, May 22nd-24th, 2015 – starting 7pm


Perfect Memorial day weekend STAY-CATION…. with Music Projects all day long and wildcard Improvisation Sets drawn from the best and most creative players in the bay area…And, each evening is Synesthete Potluck, these special evenings involve live music with video, choreography, and/or performance art. And best of all, all proceeds benefit the Homeless Action Center.

87 Artists x 39 Projects x 3 Days…

Please see the link below for updated show calendar, but note these Haunted Toast Artists: Saturday, May 23rd
2:30pm: Cloud Shepherd
Sunday May 24th
1:00pm: Alien Planet
3:00pm: zBug

@Berkeley Arts, 2133 University Ave, Berkeley, CA (Downtown Berkeley BART)

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