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Thomas Carnacki Release 4/2/2021

CD purchase and Digital download available on bandcamp:

The Thomas Carnacki version of a double-live album. This release brings together two (relatively) early live performances of note, both in Oakland, California: a somewhat anarchic tilt-a-whirl performance at the Illuminated Corridor in 2008, and an atmospheric, spectre-tinged one, done in collaboration with stalwart projectionist/videographer Jerry Smith, at Liminal Space in 2012.

Both shows are notable for their own individual reasons. “Borman Seven” marked the first time Sheila Bosco, later to become a regular contributor, ever joined in on a Carnacki performance, and features rare appearances (well, rare in the Carnacki sphere) from Matt Waldron (irr. app. (ext.)), Marielle Jakobsons (Saariselka, Date Palms, Myrmyr) and Agnes Szelag (Myrmyr). The evening at Liminal included a set by the duo Vulcanus 68, and it was this evening that seeded the idea that eventually became the Carnacki/Vulcanus split lp.

Thomas Carnacki – 10 Year Anniversary March 31, 2017!

Thomas Carnacki – Ten Years of Ten Seconds from Gregory Scharpen on Vimeo.

Please join us for a very special evening celebrating the 10 Year anniversary of Thomas Carnacki! Vocalist Kristine Barrett will be opening the proceedings. Also on the bill will be virtuoso percussionist Moe! Staiano. More info here

Friday, March 31, 2017 8pm
Temescal Arts Center
511 48th St, Oakland, CA  94609

ANIMATED IMAGINATIONS – this Saturday 9/19/15 !

OTHER CINEMA presents:


SAT. 9/19 at 8:30pm
ATA Gallery
992 Valencia (@ 21st)
San Francisco (24th Street BART)

East Bay’s most audacious musical risk-takers, the Thomas Carnacki ensemble “re-tracks” the sound for fantasy films of the last century; using glass vessels, bicycle rims, and homemade wind instruments, they transport film-historical gems into sublime experiences. Czech master Karel Zeman’s 1961 version (here excerpted by Greg Scharpen) of The Fabulous Baron Munchausen is certainly the most hallucinogenic!

Opening are seven new works by the most exciting women in contemporary American animation: West Coast premieres of Kelly Gallagher’s From Ally to Accomplice (on John Brown!), Martha Colburn’s Sex After Mastectomy, Katherin McInnisHat Trick, and Lauren Cook’s PXXL. In person: Kerry Laitala’s Fairy Feathers, Kathleen Quillian’s Stardust Serenade, and Adrianne Finelli’s Decomposition. Jeremy The Harp Rourke serenades PopTarts in the parklet! 

Show tonight at the Turquoise Yantra Grotto!

8pm, $10-20 donation

The Turquoise Yantra Grotto
32 Turquoise Way
San Francisco, CA

Ben Bennet, Bad Jazz, Thomas Carnacki, and Pet the Tiger
An evening of improvised music from Ben Bennet, Bad Jazz (Bryan Day, Tania Chen, and Ben Solomon), Thomas Carnacki (Gregory Scharpen, Sheila Bosco and Cheryl Leonard), and Pet the Tiger (David Samas, Amanda Chaudhary, and Cheryl Leonard, with butoh dancer Marvin Baker).

Thomas Carnacki, Berkeley Arts Festival Space, July 2014

video edit by Greg Scharpen

Thomas Carnacki Musicians: Jim Kaiser, Cheryl Leonard, Gregory Hagen, Greg Scharpen and Sheila Bosco
Video by Jerry Smith

EM#1: review by John Scharpen

Here is a review and some clips from the 8/23/14 Experimental Musicking #1 from John Scharpen’s Blog “kNOw Deposit, kNOw Return”  It is always great to see John around at all the shows; much thanks to his insights and support and jolly nature! What a fun night, next one Dec 13th!
Cloud Shepherd at EM1

Saturday 8/23/14 Experimental Musicking #1 @ the Foundry Nights Gallery !


Experimental Musicking #1@ the Foundry Nights Gallery
835 Carlton, Berkeley – 8pm doors –  $10 –  21+ – open bar – non-accessible
8:00pm –   OA
8:30pm –   Gradient Fade
9:00pm –   Pink Gaze
9:30pm –   Pale Reverse  and Lorin Murphy (film)
10:00pm – Cloud Shepherd
10:30pm – Thomas Carnacki featuring Margaret Cromwell (dance)

This Wednsday: Grale and Thomas Carnacki at Berkeley Arts Festival !

Berkeley Arts Festival
Grale, and Thomas Carnacki
8pm to 10pm
2133 University Avenue, Berkeley
between Shattuck & Oxford


8 pm Grale
Bruce Anderson – guitar
Gregory Hagan – voice, strings, electronics
Dale Sophiea – samples and narrative flow
Nico Sophiea – percussion, electronics

Jerry Smith will provide the video and Lorin Murphy the film.

9 pm
Thomas Carnacki’s live performances are the product of a many-headed organism, although the number of heads has fluctuated variously from one to seven over the course of the years. Emphasizing subtle textures, tones, and frequently venturing into markedly sinister territory, Thomas Carnacki serves as a hub for a subset of Bay Area musicians who have been classified as the Miserablists. Instrumentation can range from violas to candlesticks to bicycle wheels to house plants. We guarantee nothing.

Sheila Bosco
Jesse Burson
Gregory Hagan
Jim Kaiser
Cheryl E. Leonard
Gregory Scharpen

!!! KFJC Drone Festival !!! Tonight!

Fri, May 31, 1-2am
Thomas Canarcki for the KFJC Drone Festival
Tune in to the tune out:
live streaming link:
Live video:

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