Sheila Bosco, Milwaukee Psych Fest 2019, photograph by Lily Shae

Alien Planet (keys, percussion)
2020, Prophecy, Bandcamp release

Angel Archer (keys, piano, samples)
2019, Angel Archer s/t, Tape Drift, Scotland

Dire Wolves (drums, keys, piano, pump organ, percussion)
2020, I Just Wasn’t Made For These Set Times, Centripetal Force, Angers, France
2019, Grow Towards the Light, Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records, Brooklyn, NY
2019, Excursions To Cloudland / Oceans Of Green, Pome Pome Tones,  Philadelphia, PA
2019, Spacetime Rider Dub / My New House, Pome Pome Tones, Philadelphia, PA
2019, Dig Where You Stand, Feathered Coyote Records, Central Garden, Vienna
2019, 10-10-18 Starline Ballroom Oakland CA, Pome Pome Tones, Philadelphia, PA
2019, Live Dwlvs (Six-Disc Box Set)., Pome Pome Tones, Philadelphia, PA
2018, One For The Heads, Baked Tapes, New York, NY        
2018,  9-21-17 Union Pool Brooklyn NY, Pome Pome Tones, San Francisco, CA
2018, (Split Album) Loud Exit: Dire Wolves/ Plastic Crimewave Syndicate, Galactic Tape Archive, Chicago, IL
2018, Shootout At The Dildo Factory, Eiderdown Records, Seattle, WA      
2018, (Split Album): Headroom/ Dire Wolves, Centripetal Force, Nashville, TN
2018, Paradisiacal Mind, Cardinal Fuzz, Feeding Tube Records, Florence, MA                    
2017, Earthquake Country ‎(Compilation), Sky Lantern Records, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2017, Drumbar and Basspear, Sloow Tapes, Belgium
2017, Oceans Of Green, Feeding Tube Records, Florence, MA
2017, Excursions To Cloudland, Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records, Brooklyn, NY
2016, Sun City Twilight Interdimensional Crochet Contest Parts 1 + 2 … Umbrella Vape Dad, Pome Pome Tones, San Francisco, CA
2016, Soon Over Petaluma, Pome Pome Tones, San Francisco, CA
2016, (Split Album): Dire Wolves / Head Of Wantastiquet, Pome Pome Tones, San Francisco, CA
2016, House Of Triangles, Psi Lab, Oklahoma
2015, The Bernal Codex, Pome Pome Tones, San Francisco, CA

Old Million Eye (mastering)
2019, Teleportation Chronicles, Cryptic Carousel, Oakland, CA

Fly Ashtray (mastering)
2019, Why Are You Asking Me, Self-Released, Brooklyn, NY
2020, Pantswind, Self-Released, Brooklyn, NY

Martin Bisi (drums):
Solstice, 2019, Bronson Recordings, Ravenna, Italy

Thomas Carnacki (keys, harmonica, electronics):
2020, Cornucopic Apocalypse (Year Of Hindsight), bandcamp, Berkeley, CA
2019, The Museum of Lost Species, Alethiometer, Berkeley, CA
2013, Thomas Carnacki/Vulcanus 68 Split LP, 2013, Gigante Sound, Berkeley, CA

Flaming Fire (drums):
2014, Surge and Burn: 200-2014, Cuniglius Records, New York, NY
2007, Kentucky Shroud, Cuniglius Records, New York, NY
2006, When the High Bell Rings, Silly Bird Records, New York, NY
2006, Celesticide and Aleph Nought: 2 EPs, Perhaps Transparent Records, New York, NY

Zbug (drums):
2014, Splitting Glass | Twilight Sunrise, David Leikem Music, Palo Alto, CA

Poor Sweet Creatures (drums):
2011, Off Center, Self Released, San Francisco, CA

Christine Shields (chimes, samples, vocals):
2010, In the Sun, Awesome Vistas Records, San Francisco, CA

Autobody (drums, vocals and other instruments):
2002, XELP, Haunted Toast Records, Brooklyn, NY
2001, AUTOBODY s/t 7”, 2001, Old Gold Records, Athens, Georgia
2000, AUTOBODY s/t, 2000, Sillybird Records, New York, NY
1998, Mathis Flop Crap, Haunted Toast Records, Brooklyn, NY
1997, AUTOBODY s/t 7”,  Fractal Press, Athens, Greece
1996, Vanilla Impressions, Haunted Toast Records, Brooklyn, NY
1995, Autobody s/t EP, Haunted Toast Records, Brooklyn, NY

Drumhead (drums, keys):
2000, DRUMHEAD s/t, 2000, Perishable Records, Chicago, IL.
2000, Birdsongs of the Mezozaic, Cuniform Records,

CattleProd (drums and vocals):
1991, Madscene (compilation), Warped Records, Oakpark, IL
1990, Boost, Whoa Productions, Madison, WI
1989, Secretly Happy, 1989, Community 3 Records, Brooklyn, NY