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Sheila Bosco

Women Take Back the Drone (compilation)

WOMEN TAKE BACK THE DRONE‘ digital compilation album featuring exclusive drone/experimental compositions from Deletist, Ninah Pxe, Leporidae, Dubious Candy, Melissa Margolis, Khate, Marlo De Lara, Suki O’Kane, Sheila Bosco, Cyoakha Grace and Tanukispidercat.
cover art: Sheila Bosco, stone statue carved by Frits Sieger in 1957 located in the Vondelpark (Amsterdam, NL)

Bhajan Bhoy and his Raga Arkestra, December 18, 2021

Enjoy live music with this psych-space jazz afternoon show, 15:00 CET

dB’s Studio
CAB-Rondom 100
3534 BE
Utrecht, Netherlands

Live Stream

Ajay Saggar – guitar, harmonium, synths
Mees Siderius – drum, percussion
Sheila Bosco – drums, percussion, vocals
Aaron Lumley – double bass
Marieke McKenna – vocals, poetry, readings
Ditmer Weertman – saxophone, clarinet
Elsa van der Linden – saxophone, flute

Dire Wolves at Die Schute (Hamburg, Germany) Sept 12, 2019

A Dire Wolves recording from two years ago playing on a boat in Hamburg. Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band were joined here by Bell Lungs from Scotland, and Nik of Myrrors / Naujawanan Baidar from The Netherlands. Ah, our last tour in Europe before the pandemic…

Release of Alien Vs Predator: The Musical (part 1)!

When half-baked ideas get fully baked by people who are themselves baked, needlessly complex hijinks and musical mayhem ensues!

From the same lunatics who brought you Alien Vs Predator / Spreadsheet: The Musical (Prequel), It’s Your Fault Theater brings you Alien vs Predator: The Musical Part 1, a 420-friendly meta-musical extravaganza about a struggle for domination of narrative, creative and technical control; a musical about extraterrestrial trans-species passion, about the genius of an original thesis, about special effects and set design on a budget, about slime and goo, and ultimately it’s a musical about you. And me. And that yahoo over there.

It’s Your Fault Theater is Dave Abel, Eric Marc Cohen, Sheila Bosco and Angelo Sacerdote as part of the Sküll Bong and the Pit Orchestra Band joined by ace guitarist Jim Abramson and the vocal stylings of Patrick Hambrecht and Dawn McCarthy

Bonus release items include : Press Release, Lyric Sheet and Official Playbill!
Videos at:

Dire Wolves – special addition Bolinas session

A wonderful and fun Dire Wolves multi-tracked studio session recorded in a remote cabin in Bolinas CA, engineered by Glenn Donaldson of Red Pinks and Purples, Skygreen Leopards, etc … not to mention Jewelled Antler guru and unwilling moderator of the legendary Routes-For-War-And-Travel listserv

Forty-four minutes of all-exclusive never-heard-before magickal nuggets from the classic Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band line-up of Georgia Carbone – vocal, Brian Lucas – bass, Sheila Bosco – drums, Arjun Mendiratta – violin, and Jeffrey Alexander – guitar + moog. 

Available for Subscribers here:

New Angel Archer release “LightRay Variations”

Today Angel Archer announce the pre-order for our new CD/digital album, LightRay Variations. These four wild and woolly sound explorations were recorded on October 10, 2020 outdoors near the bonsai garden at Lake Merritt (Oakland, CA). It was a trance picnic of heavy proportions.

Preorder the CDs for delivery est. June 5-10!

Little Shop of Horrors (musical) June/July 2021

I am thrilled to be involved in this musical as the drummer/percussionist in the orchestra band! We will be performing in Amsterdam at the Badhuistheater. More info below:

Happily Ever After Productions presents “Little Shop of Horrors”!
This famous Broadway horror/comedy/rock musical tells the story of a hapless florist shop worker who raises a plant that feeds on human blood and flesh.

June 25-July 4, 2021
Mike’s Badhuistheater
Boerhaaveplein 28, 1091 AT Amsterdam

For advance tickets and information !

Thomas Carnacki Release 4/2/2021

CD purchase and Digital download available on bandcamp:

The Thomas Carnacki version of a double-live album. This release brings together two (relatively) early live performances of note, both in Oakland, California: a somewhat anarchic tilt-a-whirl performance at the Illuminated Corridor in 2008, and an atmospheric, spectre-tinged one, done in collaboration with stalwart projectionist/videographer Jerry Smith, at Liminal Space in 2012.

Both shows are notable for their own individual reasons. “Borman Seven” marked the first time Sheila Bosco, later to become a regular contributor, ever joined in on a Carnacki performance, and features rare appearances (well, rare in the Carnacki sphere) from Matt Waldron (irr. app. (ext.)), Marielle Jakobsons (Saariselka, Date Palms, Myrmyr) and Agnes Szelag (Myrmyr). The evening at Liminal included a set by the duo Vulcanus 68, and it was this evening that seeded the idea that eventually became the Carnacki/Vulcanus split lp.

Angel Archer at the Center for New Music

2/19/2020 Angel Archer performing for the Center for New Music Latitudes series (Latitudes 15).

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